Professor James Hone
Columbia University
220 SW Mudd,
Mail Code 4703,
New York NY 10027

ph: (212) 854-6244
fx: (212) 854-3304

Lab info:
706 Northwest Corner Building
Columbia University

We are a interdisciplinary research group focused on novel materials synthesis and device nano-fabrication. We use carbon nanotubes, graphene, self-assembled nanostructures, and textured substrates to study both fundamental properties and explore new applications in nano-electro-mechanical systems, biomechanical systems, nanoscale and molecular electronics and opto-electronics.

The research has diverse applications in radio-frequency signal processing electronics, optical signal processing, energy generation, biological and molecular sensors, and immunology.

The group is highly collaborative and works with research groups in Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

We thank the NSF and NIH for funding our research lab.


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